Increasing Throughput using Automation

Our KannaMill Pilot series mills require feeding material by hand and collecting material in small collection bins. To help automate this process, we now offer a Surge Hopper/Flex Auger add-on for our Lab and Pilot series mills. For our KM-12 and KM-16 models, we can retrofit the mill to utilize this setup for either the in-feed, the discharge, or both. By adding this hopper and auger configuration, you can expect an increase in productivity and the flexibility of filling extraction socks/vessels, 55-gallon drums, and super sacks, to name a few.

The Surge Hopper is manufactured in 304 Stainless Steel, measures 36” square by 38” high and offers 8 cubic feet of hopper capacity. This hopper configuration offers optional upgrades for agitation, proximity level switch, and a turbine vibrator. The Flex Auger comes as a standard 15′ long with the ability to customize the length. The outer diameter of the auger measures at 4 ½” and is made of polyethylene. The auger runs on a 3HP, 1725 RPM motor with the option of upgrading to a VFD. All the fittings and transitions are included, and all wiring is completely enclosed.

We partnered with one of the industry leaders in conveyor equipment which offers a quick ship program. This program helps cut down on long lead times and expedites the equipment modifications needed for your KannaMill. Contact us for more info.