Kannamill Pilot Series Batch Processing Mill

Commercial Cannabis And Hemp Grinder

Designed for the highest possible production rates at the desired finished particle size for all types of extraction and production. These mills are ideal for grinding material to an exact size for downstream processing or extraction.

The KannaMill Pilot Series Industrial Grinding Hammer Mill is designed to pulverize with precision, and is built to handle highly abrasive, very tough plant fibers.

Every KannaMill comes standard with two different screen sizes, standard safety interlock and standard collection infeed and conveying options for easy feeding and collecting without product loss.

Output and hp range:
Up to 300 lb/hr
3 HP or less
The perfect cannabis mill for:
Operations With More Than 10 Acres
Even-burning Pre-rolls
Flower & Trim Grinding
Ethanol Extraction
Supercritical Co2 Extraction
CBD Extraction
Fresh Frozen
Oils & Edibles
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