Fresh Frozen Processing

The industry is evolving, and processors continue to look for that next big product to capture more customers. Higher quality flower is more common now than it has been in the past. “Craft” flower, as some end-users call it, has more upside than the cheaper low-quality flower the average consumer is used to.

When it comes to curing, the most common method is air-drying. There are some variations of this method, but the most common way is to hang the biomass, stripping away the larger leaves, allowing it to dry in a dark room under controlled conditions for a few weeks. The flower is then “bucked” and sealed in a closable sealed container. An alternative method to this is Fresh Frozen which uses fresh harvested material that is separated from leaves, branches, and stems. The material is then vacuum sealed in bags and placed into industrial freezers set at around -38 degrees Fahrenheit. This task preserves terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavor profiles. (source: Giving Tree Farms) Once a processor decides to extract from this material, a KannaMill is recommended to bring the material down to a uniform particle size. Through trials with processors on the West Coast, KannaMill was able to identify optimal parameters to maintain low internal mill temperatures providing consistent output particle sizes. A traditional Hammermill uses blunt hammers and is known to generate heat and over-pulverize the material. With KannaMill’s beveled hammers, we can efficiently knife through the material quickly to allow for low dwell times within the mill.

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