Case Study:
Fresh Frozen Cannabis


Cannabis plant – sourced on site


Milled frozen cannabis for cannabis extraction


KannaMill 12: Food Grade

Improved product consistency and process efficiency with KannaMill 12: Food Grade model

The Challenge

For Todd Lichtenwalter and the team of experts he works with, efficient processes and high quality final product are key. The team was having difficulty finding the proper size reduction technology to successfully process frozen Cannabis. The team was seeking efficiency in processing, and chilling characteristics with their equipment. Making sure their fresh frozen material wouldn’t thaw during the milling process, and integrating a cooling mechanism to ensure the frozen material stays frozen, even after milling, were also critical for the application.

The Solution

The team contacted KannaMill to find a better solution for meeting their high quality product specifications, and was recommended a KannaMill 12: Food Grade model.

KannaMill designed a proprietary cooling mechanism into the infeed chute of the mill. This allowed for steady cooling without sacrificing processing rates and energy consumption at the site. KannaMill also modified the support stand for the mill to allow for milling directly into extraction socks. This helped eliminate unnecessary contact with the already delicate material.

Since we also offer mill models, crafted from Food Grade Stainless Steel, which provides ease of cleaning in between batches, KanaMill was the ideal choice for this team.

Model of efficient processing, with minimal waste

– Todd Lichtenwalter

The Result

By implementing the KannaMill-12: Food Grade model in their manufacturing processes, Todd and his team have seen a 1.5% to 2.25% increased yield from extraction. The KannaMill is a “very durable unit for cannabis milling if you are looking to increase yield” said Lichtenwalter.