Hemp Processing Equipment
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KannaMill® hemp processing equipment has been designed in partnership with high production hemp processors. At the heart of every KannaMill® is our long history of manufacturing rugged, durable equipment.  Our heavy-duty, precision designed equipment meet the demand for low maintenance and tight particle size distributions in the finished product. Our processing equipment solutions are designed to be scaleable to meet any level of throughput and production demands.

The best equipment for industrial hemp processing.

All of our KannaMill industrial grinding mills are available in a variety of sizes, and are custom configured with the right options to suit your specific production needs. These mills are available in standard carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or food grade stainless steel if required.

Whether you’re looking to process plant material for extraction, optimize product size for storage necessities, or to cost effectively reduce bulk waste, the KannaMill® family of industrial grinders has you covered. KannaMill® equipment ships worldwide, and we welcome inquires for customized solutions to meet individual customer specifications. Contact us today to find the right KannaMill® to meet your needs.

KannaMill® Equipment for Hemp Flower Processors

Designed to pulverize without defibrating, these mills can handle the continuous processing of anything from delicate flower to highly abrasive, tough fibers.

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
Food Grade

Built to meet even the most stringent requirements

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
KannaMill: Stainless

Built for ease of use in processing and extracting

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
KannaMill: Standard

Built to facilitate
easy and efficient processing

Ready to get more out of your processing equipment?

KannaMill® Equipment for Industrial Hemp Processors

Our industrial KannaMills are heavily constructed, high production grinders, suitable for all types of plant material and biomass.

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
KannaMill: Performance Series

Designed for the highest possible production rates.

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
Pro Series

Designed to provide maximum yields for CBD extractors

Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment
Max Series

Designed for efficient, cost-effective bulk waste reduction

Looking for a more consistent finished product, in less time?